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Raven #A20
Infernal Engine

Raven is one of the three Infernal Engines in the Pier of the Unknown DLC.

Ingame Bio

A half formed thing. The warmth it once possessed in a previous life has flickered out like a dying spark, leaving only a dark emptiness.

The void is the absense of meaning, of heart, and of self.


Can be found and fought in Cosmic Zone, as a part of the DLC Pier of the Unknown. Can only be fought once per save file.


Raven has the Astral type with moves themed around revival and strong single hits, often using Guzzle Fuel as part of their turn. It knows a passive move called Machine Curse which makes moves "automatically activated" by other stickers to hit the user instead. This counters "starter sweeps" and similar quick-win strategies based on automated attacks.

Be advised that when Raven falls and is revived through Ritual, its Self-Destruct will still activate.


Special Moves


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In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 鸦羽雷文
French Corvus
German Raven
Italian Corvo
Japanese レイヴン
Korean 레이븐
Portuguese Corvo
Spanish (Spain) Azabache
Spanish (Latin America) Azabache

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