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Voice actorAllegra Clark

Clémence is the person who runs the Gramophone Café.


Clémence is a redhead with a vine tattoo visible on her right arm. She occasionally speaks French in conversations.

Clémence claims to miss motorbikes.[2]


Around ten years before the start of the game, Clémence washed up at New Wirral after falling and landing in the ocean.[3]

Clémence founded Gramophone Café in Harbourtown after the townsfolk asked for a stylish place to socialise.[4] She took an old Gramophone in the town and made it the centerpiece of the new establishment.[5] Later, she fixed the Gramophone to enable it to play the records found by the rangers in New Wirral, including records that are made for modern record players.[6]

The player can find Clémence in Gramophone Café as soon as they arrive at New Wirral and Harbourtown. The player can trade items with Clémence in the café.

If Part 1 of All I Ever Needed is active, asking Clémence about “The Witch House” record will point the player towards the Town Hall to progress.


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In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 克莱曼斯
French Clémence
German Clémence
Italian Clémence
Japanese クレマンス
Korean 클레멘스
Portuguese Clémence
Spanish (Spain) Clémence
Spanish (Latin America) Clémence


  1. Clémence's pronouns are set to she/her in the game's data files.
  2. "I miss… Motorbikes" - Clémence
  3. "I fell. Landed in the ocean. Washed up here. About ten years ago now. It is what it is." - Clémence
  4. "When I arrived in Harbourtown, the people here were crying out for a place to socialise, a place that must be stylish. I made that place – if not me, who else?" - Clémence
  5. "The town had a Gramophone, an old machine for playing musical records. So I took this machine and I made it the centerpiece of this new establishment." - Clémence
  6. "Well, one day the rangers find a place, it is filled with intact records. So they bring them to me. They lamented, “we have the records, but they are made for modern record players – our Gramophone cannot play them!” I said to them, “shush!” And I fixed the Gramophone and now we can play the records." - Clémence

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