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Pearl #A19
Infernal Engine

Pearl is one of the three Infernal Engines in the Pier of the Unknown DLC.

Ingame Bio

Whatever it once was, it now exists between two states of being. An incomplete monstrosity that can express itself only an animal rage.

Depending on who you ask, ferality is either the absence of humanity or an acceptance of our true selves.


Can be found and fought in The Witch House, as a part of the DLC Pier of the Unknown. Can only be fought once per save file.


Pearl has the Beast type with moves that self-heal or are bestial themed, often using Guzzle Fuel as part of their turn. It knows a passive move called Machine Curse which makes moves "automatically activated" by other stickers to hit the user instead. This counters "starter sweeps" and similar quick-win strategies based on automated attacks.


Special Moves


The note in The Witch House
  • In one of the rooms inside The Witch House you can find a note that may have been written by Pearl before they were turned into an Infernal Engine.
    • "I can't find my way out of here. If any of you find this, don't come looking for me. Try and send for help instead. -P"

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 珠白珀尔
French Perle
German Pearl
Italian Perla
Japanese パール
Portuguese Pérola
Spanish (Spain) Perla
Spanish (Latin America) Perla

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