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Voice actorKiane Chula King

Clee-0 is a Ranger Captain featured in Cassette Beasts. She can be found in the eastern area of Eastham Woods. In order to fight her for Take Me On you must first talk to her and then complete the quest Coin-Operated.


Clee-0 is a ranger captain who specializes in gambling and risk-based strategies.[1]

She is very resentful of humans, presumably due to them treating her as a servant before she arrived in in New Wirral. Though since arriving in New Wirral and meeting humans who treat her with respect, she has been trying to work through her resentment.[2]

Her body is coin-operated and requires additional coins to be inserted in order to reboot her after she goes offline.[3]


Before arriving in New Wirral, Clee-0 was a robot created to work in the Neo Vegas 'Pharaoh's Emporium' as a waitress.[4]

The player finds Clee-0 offline in Eastham Woods, beginning the Coin-Operated quest. They find a coin and insert it into Clee-0 in order to reactivate her.[5]

During Take Me On, the player fights Clee-0 in order to get her stamp for the ranger trainee card.


Clee-0 can be found and battled in the east half of Eastham Woods, straight south of the Mall. The player receives stamp #5 and a non-common Gambit or Roll Again sticker for winning.

First encounter

Clee-0 Ranger


Clee-0 Ranger
Can fuse


Clee-0’s tactics are themed around risk-taking and chance. Her tapes begin combat with Gambit to sharply boost their stats before breaking 3 turns later. They mostly use multihit attacks as well as Passives like AP Refund, which may return spent AP, and Roll Again which can activate one of their moves using unspent AP. Triphinx is a particularly dangerous ranged threat even if Gambit is prevented.


Clee-0’s tapes are remastered, continuing the Gambit gimmick and often using Desperation when injured. The new member Arkidd contributes blinding speed and its Passives to Clee-0’s fusion. This allows her up to 2 AP refunds and 3 attacks per turn via Roll Again.


  • Clee-0 keeps a database of the humans that she respects.[6]
    • Clee-0 adds the player to it after they defeat her in battle.[6]
    • Ianthe is also likely in Clee-0's respected humans database as well.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 克娄队长
French Capitaine Clé-Ô
German Captain Clee-O
Italian Capitano Clee-O
Japanese キャプテン・クレ=O
Korean 순찰대장 클리-5
Portuguese Comandante Clee-O
Spanish (Spain) Guarda de élite Cle-0
Spanish (Latin America) Guarda mayor Cle-0


  1. "Anyway, I'm Clee-O. One of the ranger captains here on New Wirral. Betcha didn't expect a tin can like me to be able to use cassette tapes, huh? It turns out all the gambling data in my memory banks makes me quite the strategist, too." - Clee-0
  2. "Sorry, I didn't mean to get hostile. Ianthe has been encouraging me to work through my past resentment for mankind in a healthier manner." - Clee-0
  3. "My bad. My reboot functions are pretty rusty, and my memory banks take a while to come online. I have the most advanced machine brain that a 24th century casino can afford, and yet I'm still coin operated! Why did my cowardly creators engineer such a fatal flaw in my hardware? Were they afraid that I'd rise up and overthrow them like they deserved?!" - Clee-0
  4. "Welcome, patron, to the Neo Vegas 'Pharaoh's Emporium'! Would you like to order some..." - Clee-0
  5. "Bzzt! This robot seems to be malfunctioning. There's a coin slot on its back perhaps there's a suitable coin on the island. Insert the coin?"
  6. 6.0 6.1 "I am reluctantly adding you to my internal database of humans I truly respect. It is a very small database." - Clee-0

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