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Penny Dreadful
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Voice actorElexi Walker

Penny Dreadful is a Ranger Captain featured in Cassette Beasts. She can be found in New London.


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Penny Dreadful grew up in New London and became fascinated with stories of the original London (cutthroats, highwaymen, vampires).[1] She is the only survivor of the fire that burned down New London.[2]

At some point she became a ranger captain who specializes in being able to shift herself from the mortal plane.[3]

During Take Me On, the player fights Penny Dreadful in order to get her stamp for the ranger trainee card.


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Penny Dreadful can be found and battled near the center of New London. The player receives stamp #7 and a non-common Haunt or Ritual sticker for winning.

First encounter

Penny Dreadful Ranger
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Penny Dreadful Ranger
Can fuse
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Penny’s interest in mortality is portrayed in her team lineup, plus their use of Ritual and Haunt. Ritual grants the user a one-time revival to 25% health, while Haunt applies Ghostly status, blocking direct-damage moves for 3 turns before KO’ing the user. Her allied Sanzatime can extend the Ghostly effect by using Dog Years.


Penny’s tapes have all reached their final forms, keeping with the Haunt/Ritual/Dog Years tactic. Her new addition is Ramtasm,who gains evasion as its HP drops with Shear Luck and will refrain from using Haunt if Fortiwinx is not present.


Name Origin and Design

Penny Dreadful's name is likely a reference to penny dreadfuls, cheap weekly serialized 19th-century fiction booklets often telling stories of crime and adventures.[5]

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 怖可儿队长
French Capitaine Penny Dreadful
German Captain Penny Dreadful
Italian Capitano Penny Dreadful
Japanese キャプテン・ペニー=ドレッドフル
Korean 순찰대장 페니 드레드풀
Portuguese Comandante Vitória Frankenstein
Spanish (Spain) Guarda de élite Agnes Pectro
Spanish (Latin America) Guarda mayor Agnes Pectro


  1. "They called this place "New London" once. Harbourtown had a lot of residents and was ready to establish a shiny new settlement. I grew up here, y'know? Spent me whole childhood here, hearin' stories of the real London town. Sounds like an 'orrible place! Cutthroats, highwaymen, vampires... I was bloody fascinated with it!" - Captain Penny Dreadful when the player first meets her
  2. "Of course, when the town burned down, all those stories were lost. Everyone and everything here went up in flames too, except little ol' me. Penny Dreadful, ranger captain, cheater of death, here in the flesh!" - Captain Penny Dreadful when the player first meets her
  3. "I'm bloody impressed. Even shifting myself from this mortal plane wasn't enough to stop you from comin' out on top. Here's your reward for defeating the immortal Penny Dreadful!" - Captain Penny Dreadful when the player defeats her for the first time
  4. "That was certainly somethin'! I better report all this back to Ianthe. Good luck with the Mer-Line, Cass. I'll sit that one out. Hmm... I wonder if "Helia" had anything to do with the fire that burned down New London all those years ago...?" Captain Penny Dreadful at the end of Here Comes The Sun
  5. Judith Flanders (May 15, 2014). "Penny dreadfuls". British Library. Retrieved August 25, 2023.

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