Healing item

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Healing items are consumable items that can be used to heal or repair monster tapes. Each healing item uses up one turn when consumed in battle.

The player can initially carry up to 5 Rewinds and 1 Respool, but these limits can be increased which can be increased up to 25 Rewinds and 5 Respools by purchasing their respective upgrades, Rewind Pouch and Respool Pouch, from Town hall.

List of Healing Items

Icon Name Description Locations
Item Rewind.png Rewind Fully restores the HP of one tape. Uses up a turn when used in combat.
Item Respool.png Respool Fixes and rewinds a broken tape. Uses up a turn when used in combat.

Rewind can be recycled for 1 Wood Item Wood.png, while Respool can be recycled for 15 Wood Item Wood.png.

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