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Pearl, one of the 3 Infernal Engines

Infernal Engines are beings that appear in Brightside Pier in the Pier of the Unknown DLC.


Infernal Engines are beings that power different areas of Brightside Pier. The bestial Pearl powers The Witch House. The void being Raven powers Cosmic Zone. The irrational Rose powers Funworld.

Infernal Engines appear similar to Archangels[1], all of them looking like paper cutouts of a 18th-century comic. Each one looks to be made of gears, pipes, and other mechanical parts. Each one has a different "head" however, with Pearl's a sword handle, Raven's a weathervane and Rose's a chandelier.


The three Infernal Engines were created by Gwen in an experiment to turn humans into Archangels.[2][3][4][5]

The player fights each of the three Infernal Engines in order to help Gwen stabilize the attractions of Brightside Pier.


  1. "Why did your "engine" look like an Archangel and try to kill us? What's going on here?" - Kayleigh
  2. "Building those engines wasn't just about the pier. I think... I wanted to build new friends, to replace the ones I had." - Gwen
  3. "I know that sounds silly. To conjure illusions and make them real, to will something new into the universe... That's just not something we are able to do. I got pretty close though, right? My "Infernal Engines"? Once Brightside Pier is open to the public, I'll have plenty more humans to use for my project. Morgante always said that our lot can't really make things - that's for you humans. But if you start with a human and go from there, you can get pretty far!" - Gwen
  4. "Yes, that's the secret sauce! Start with a human, and unfold them to make them like us. You're not the first humans to sail here in my little rowing boat, but you're certainly my favourite!" - Gwen
  5. "I don't have any more fight left in me. I shall cease my efforts to create an egregore being from a human." - Gwen

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