Evasion Down

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Evasion Down
Status Evasion Down.png

Evasion Down is a debuffing status effect.


Characters with Evasion Down have their Evasion stat lowered by one third.

Additional Information

Lowers evasion by 4 stages.

Related Moves

MoveTypeCategoryPowerAccuracyUse Cost
Bon Bon Blast Ranged Attack 70 85% 3 AP
Damage Roll Ranged Attack 9 100% 3 AP
Flirt Status Effect 100% 1 AP
Sticky Tongue Melee Attack 40 75% 1 AP
Trick Status Effect 100% 1 AP
Vengeful Curse Status Effect 100% Passive

Related Type Match-Ups

× DebuffStatus Evasion Down.png Evasion Down ×3, Status Speed Down.png Speed Down ×3(Buried)