Ranged Attack Up

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Ranged Attack Up
Status Ranged Attack Up.png

Ranged Attack Up is a buffing status effect.


Characters with Ranged Attack Up have their Ranged Attack stat raised by one half.

Related Moves

MoveTypeCategoryPowerAccuracyUse Cost
Bloodlust Status Effect Unavoidable Passive
Burning Passion Status Effect 100% Passive
Damage Roll Ranged Attack 9 100% 3 AP
Raise Arms Status Effect 100% 1 AP
Retribution Status Effect Unavoidable Passive
Treat Status Effect Unavoidable 1 AP

Related Type Match-Ups

× BuffStatus Melee Attack Up.png Melee Attack Up ×3, Status Ranged Attack Up.png Ranged Attack Up ×3(Potentiated)