Fusion Power

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Fusion Power
Use Cost10 AP
PriorityNormal (0)

Fusion Power is a Move.


Has an effect unique to this fusion pairing.

Additional Information

Every fusion move's name consists of a prefix and a suffix. The order that the two monsters are fused in does matter in determining the Fusion Power move (different orders can result in different Fusion Power moves).

The prefix is determined by the type of the fusion move, which is always one of the types of the fused monsters (which type is chosen depends on the specific combination of monster species). Each type has a set of possible prefixes, but the exact prefix does not have any mechanical effect on the move (other than indicating the type).

The suffix determines how many opponents the move hits (individual or team), whether the move is ranged or physical, and also effects the power of the move.

Fusion moves will also have either a buff they apply to the user or a debuff that they apply to the enemies that the move hits. This also can effect the power of the move.

The power of a fusion move is determined as follows:

Target type Buff or Debuff Power
Individual Buff 200
Individual Debuff 200
Team Buff 150
Team Debuff 112

List of Fusion Power Moves

The following spreadsheet created by Lerycide (on the Bytten Studio Discord Server) details the Fusion Power moves for each monster species pair as of version 1.2 ("Catacombs" update):


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Name Physicality Target type
Arrow Ranged Individual
Axe Melee Individual
Beam Ranged Individual
Bladewheel Melee Team
Blast Melee Individual
Bomb Ranged Team
Fist Melee Team
Meteor Ranged Team
Shards Ranged Team
Smash Melee Team
Spikes Ranged Individual
Sword Melee Individual

Buffs and Debuffs

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Compatible Species

Only fusions can use Fusion Power, not regular monsters. Additionally, the player must have relationship Level 2 or higher with their current partner in order to use Fusion Power.