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Mourningstar #A05
Serpent God
Incarnation ofDevotion

Mourningstar is an Archangel that has a 3D low-poly appearance, possessing the torso of a man, two wings, a golden skull mask with ram horns, yellow spikes for legs, and a black and white snake wrapping around it.

It is buried underneath Mourningtown, and reaching it is the main goal of the Mourningtown Cult, associated with Kayleigh's "I Ran So Far Away" quest.

Ingame Bio

The malevolent Mourningstar feeds on the devotion of others, sometimes to a lethal extent if the individual's commitment is strong enough. It whispers from its underground station, hoping that its acolytes will eventually find their way down to it - and their deaths.

The incarnation of devotion, Mourningstar was formed from the devotion to the many gods and idols that humanity creates and worships.


Can be found and fought in Mourningtown.



Special Moves


Main article: Mourningstar/Dialogue


Name Origin and Design

Mourningstar's name is likely a portmanteau of "mourning" and "morning star", which is another name for the Christian figure Lucifer (also often referred to as Satan).[1]

Mourningstar's design and special moves are likely a biblical reference to the story of the Garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve are tempted by a snake into eating forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and were punished for their defiance.

Mourningstar's snake is likely a reference to the snake that tempted Adam and Eve. Some common interpretations of the story of the Garden of Eden consider Lucifer to be the snake.[2] This could explain Mourningstar's wings and horns, given that Lucifer was a fallen angel and many depictions of him show him as a horned devil.

Temptation is likely a reference to the Tree of Knowledge and the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate from it. Judgement is likely a reference to the punishment that God inflicted on Adam and Eve after they ate the forbidden fruit.

The 3D styling of Mourningstar's appearance was meant to mimic the appearance of 3D models in RPGs from the 32-bit era. Additionally, the snake's head is Mourningstar's actual head.[3] This is further evidenced by effects from moves like Headshot targeting the snake's head.

In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 歿宁星
French Asmodeuil
German Morbidstern
Italian Cordemonio
Japanese トムライスター
Korean 애도의 별
Portuguese Portaluz
Spanish (Spain) Luctifer
Spanish (Latin America) Luctifer


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