Traveling Merchant

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Traveling Merchant
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The Traveling Merchant is a character who appears in random location selling a random stock of items and stickers.



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Icon Name Price
Item Metal.png Metal
Item Plastic.png Plastic 1 Item Wood.png Wood
Item Wheat.png Wheat 1 Item Pulp.png Pulp
Item Wood.png Wood
Item Old Book.png Old Book
Item Rewind.png Rewind
Item Canned Ice Latte.png Canned Ice Latte
Item Berserk Cure.png Berserk Cure
Item Burn Cure.png Burn Cure 5 Item Plastic.png Plastic
Item Coating Cure.png Coating Cure
Item Conductive Cure.png Conductive Cure
Item Confusion Cure.png Confusion Cure
Item Cure-All.png Cure-All
Item Leech Cure.png Leech Cure
Item Petrification Cure.png Petrification Cure
Item Poison Cure.png Poison Cure
Item Resonance Cure.png Resonance Cure
Item Sleep Cure.png Sleep Cure
Item Stat Cure.png Stat Cure
Item Basic Tape.png Basic Tape
Item Chrome Tape.png Chrome Tape
Item Aerosol Tape.png Aerosol Tape
Item Ceramic Tape.png Ceramic Tape
Item Ethereal Tape.png Ethereal Tape
Item Faux Fur Tape.png Faux Fur Tape
Item Ferrichrome Tape.png Ferrichrome Tape
Item Ice-IX Tape.png Ice-IX Tape
Item Recycled Tape.png Recycled Tape
Item Snakeskin Tape.png Snakeskin Tape
Item Superconductive Tape.png Superconductive Tape
Item Treebark Tape.png Treebark Tape
Item Toaster Tape.png Toaster Tape
Item Water-Filled Tape.png Water-Filled Tape


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  • When the player first meets the Traveling Merchant, the merchant mentions having given his shirt to a woman in need.[1] This is likely a reference to the item trading side-quest in Lenna's Inception, during one step of which Lenna trades a briefcase to a Traveling Merchant in exchange for his sweaty shirt which she later trades to a bear.
    • This implies that the Traveling Merchant is the same Traveling Merchant that appears in Lenna's Inception.


  1. "Don't let my lack of a shirt discomfort you — I traded it to a young woman who gave it to a bear a while back. Let no one tell you I ain't dedicated to the cause of distribution!" - Traveling Merchant (Cassette Beasts)

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