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Black Shuck
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Black Shuck is an ominous figure that appears randomly throughout New Wirral as a static encounter, taking on the form of a shadowy version of the player character. It will usually disappear upon being approached by the player, but has a 1% chance of chasing the player and initiating a battle with them.


Battle with Black Shuck

In battle, Black Shuck will use Astral bootleg copies of the players' team, each monster having a Ghostly status with an infinite duration.[1]

Upon defeat, Black Shuck will drop Black Shuck's Tape.[1] Black Shuck will still continue to appear randomly throughout New Wirral even after defeating it. Repeated fights will still drop Black Shuck's Tape.



The name and concept of Black Shuck are likely inspired by the Black Shuck, a mysterious black dog from English folklore.[2]


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