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Status Berserk.png

Berserk is a debuffing status effect.


Characters with Berserk can only use damaging moves.

Related Moves

MoveTypeCategoryPowerAccuracyUse Cost
Berserker Status Effect 100% Passive
Damage Roll Ranged Attack 9 100% 3 AP
Taunt Status Effect 100% 1 AP
Trick Status Effect 100% 1 AP
Vengeful Curse Status Effect 100% Passive
Wonderful 7 Ranged Attack 90 100% 4 AP

Related Type Match-Ups

× DebuffStatus Berserk.png Berserk ×3(Disturbed)
× DebuffStatus Berserk.png Berserk ×3(Disturbed)

Additional Information

This status prevents stickers without an attack power rating to fail, this seems to include all passives and non-attack automatic trigger stickers.

For example, the following will fail:

It can be especially useful if an opponent has a number of passive/automatic/buff/status moves as part of their strategy such as: