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Cassette Beasts: The Art Book

Cassette Beasts: The Art Book is an art book for Cassette Beasts created by Bytten Studio and published by Raw Fury. It is currently available digitally on Steam, and can only be purchased if you have already purchased Cassette Beasts on Steam.


The art book contains concept art and commentary on each of the original monster species remaster trees (before version 1.2 "Catacombs"), art of several unused monster designs, several of the Archangels, all of the partner characters, and some early development art.


Concept art of the Springheel and Carniviper remaster trees.

Each of the original monster species remaster trees (before version 1.2 "Catacombs") has its own page section with concept art of each monster and a few sentences of commentary.

Most of the monster concept art uses the same poses as the monsters' in-game battle sprites. It is likely that the sprites were drawn based on the concept art using the technique described by Jay Baylis in the Monster Making Guide.

Unused Monster Designs

The art book shows 20 unused monster designs. Several of the unused monster designs were options for the starter tape, and others were early designs for monsters that did make it into the game.[1]

  • 7 of the unused designs were not used because the team felt they did not fit the quality of the rest of the monsters or did not see where they would fit in the overall scheme of the game.[2]
  • 1 of the unused designs was a proposed remaster of Candevil before it was decided to have branching remasters for Candevil.[2]
  • 9 of the unused designs were early concepts for starter tapes and their remasters.[2]
  • 1 of the unused designs was later reworked into Clocksley.[2]
  • 1 of the unused designs was a remaster of Stardigrade that was inspired by the Evangelion from the media series Neon Genesis Evangelion.[2]
  • 2 of the unused designs were related to the Kittelly remaster tree, one being a proposed middle stage between Kittelly and Cat-5 and the other being an alternate design for Cat-5.[2]
  • 1 of the unused designs was an early design of Gearyu.[2]


The following Archangels are shown in the artbook, most having just a single concept art (plus commentary) with the exception of Morgante and Aleph who have their own dedicated pages.


Portraits, sprites, and early concept art of Kayleigh.

All six of the partner characters have their own dedicated pages which show their in-game sprite art, in-game character portraits (illustrated by Sami Briggs), and early design art created by Jay Baylis.[3][4]

Development Art

Various other artwork created during the development of Cassette Beasts is shown in the book including:

  • Early versions of the key art of Cassette Beasts
  • Early versions of Cassette Beasts' logo
  • An early map of New Wirral
  • An early sketch of Harbourtown
  • An early mockup of the battle screen
  • An early mockup of the pause menu
  • Early mockups of the main menu


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