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Cassette Beasts Vinyl
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Cassette Beasts Vinyl is a release of the Cassette Beasts Original Soundtrack on vinyl record sold by Black Screen Records. It was announced alongside the Cassette Beasts Tape, also sold by Black Screen Records.[1]


The artwork on the gatefold cover of the Cassette Beasts Vinyl was created by Sami Briggs and was also used for the the case of the Cassette Beasts tape.[2][3]

The music was remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge.[2]


The first pressing was announced and showed during the Cassette Beasts Showcase on June 28, 2023,[4] on the same day the pre-orders for the vinyl opened.[1] Further pressings were announced as pre-orders sold out.[5]

Image Pressing Format Pre-order
Cassette Beasts Vinyl 1st Pressing.png 1st Pressing Double Long Play on purple and mint green vinyl June 28, 2023[1]
Cassette Beasts Vinyl 2nd Pressing.jpg 2nd Pressing Double Long Play ultra clear vinyl with purple and mint green splatters February 23, 2024[5]


The album is a double long play with two sides on each vinyl record (Side A and Side B on the first vinyl record, Side C and Side D on the second) with 8 songs on Side A, Side B and Side C, and 9 songs on Side D (33 total).[2]

Number Name
A01 Title Theme
A02 Cross Your Heart
A03 Victory Theme
A04 Wherever We Are Now
A05 Kayleigh's Theme
A06 Eugene's Theme
A07 Meredith's Theme
A08 Same Old Story
B01 Shot in the Dark
B02 Face Down
B03 Felix's Theme
B04 Viola's Theme
B05 Barkley's Theme
B06 Like Chimeras
B07 Deus Ex Calibur
B08 Arrow of Time
C01 By the Campfire
C02 New Wirral Park
C03 Jaunty Merchant Tune
C04 New Wirral (Night)
C05 The Mournchildren
C06 Autumn Hill
C07 The Stations Beneath
C08 Archangel Encounter
D01 The Amber Lodge
D02 Into the Caves
D03 Cherry Meadow
D04 Eastham Woods
D05 The Marshes
D06 Mt. Wirral
D07 Night's Bridge Station
D08 Goodbyes
D09 Credits



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