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Status Effects are special effects that can be applied to Monsters using various Moves. There are four different kinds of Status Effects.

  • A Buff has a direct positive effect on the affected monster.
  • A Debuff has a direct negative effect on the affected monster.
  • A Transmutation changes the affected monster's Type.
  • Misc effects have unique results positively or negatively affect the target.

List of status effects

Status EffectKind
Status Abramacabra.png Abramacabra Buff
Status Accuracy Down.png Accuracy Down Debuff
Status Accuracy Up.png Accuracy Up Buff
Status Air Coating.png Air Coating Transmutation
Status Air Wall.png Air Wall Buff
Status AP Boost.png AP Boost Buff
Status AP Drain.png AP Drain Debuff
Status Astral Coating.png Astral Coating Transmutation
Status Astral Wall.png Astral Wall Buff
Status Beast Coating.png Beast Coating Transmutation
Status Beast Wall.png Beast Wall Buff
Status Berserk.png Berserk Debuff
Status Bomb.png Bomb Debuff
Status Booby Trapped.png Booby Trapped Debuff
Status Burned.png Burned Debuff
Status Close Encounter.png Close Encounter Misc
Status Conductive.png Conductive Debuff
Status Confused.png Confused Debuff
Status Contact Dmg Air.png Contact Dmg Air Buff
Status Contact Dmg Astral.png Contact Dmg Astral Buff
Status Contact Dmg Beast.png Contact Dmg Beast Buff
Status Contact Dmg Earth.png Contact Dmg Earth Buff
Status Contact Dmg Fire.png Contact Dmg Fire Buff
Status Contact Dmg Glass.png Contact Dmg Glass Buff
Status Contact Dmg Glitter.png Contact Dmg Glitter Buff
Status Contact Dmg Ice.png Contact Dmg Ice Buff
Status Contact Dmg Lightning.png Contact Dmg Lightning Buff
Status Contact Dmg Metal.png Contact Dmg Metal Buff
Status Contact Dmg Plant.png Contact Dmg Plant Buff
Status Contact Dmg Plastic.png Contact Dmg Plastic Buff
Status Contact Dmg Poison.png Contact Dmg Poison Buff
Status Contact Dmg Water.png Contact Dmg Water Buff
Status Cottoned On.png Cottoned On Buff
Status Double Speed.png Double Speed Buff
Status Earth Coating.png Earth Coating Transmutation
Status Earth Wall.png Earth Wall Buff
Status Evasion Down.png Evasion Down Debuff
Status Evasion Nullified.png Evasion Nullified Debuff
Status Evasion Up.png Evasion Up Buff
Status Fair Fight.png Fair Fight Misc
Status Fire Coating.png Fire Coating Transmutation
Status Fire Wall.png Fire Wall Buff
Status Flammable.png Flammable Debuff
Status Flinched.png Flinched Debuff
Status Fog.png Fog Debuff
Status Gambit.png Gambit Buff
Status Gemstone Wall.png Gemstone Wall Buff
Status Ghostly.png Ghostly Buff
Status Glass Bonds.png Glass Bonds Debuff
Status Glass Coating.png Glass Coating Transmutation
Status Glass Shards.png Glass Shards Misc
Status Glass Wall.png Glass Wall Buff
Status Glitter Coating.png Glitter Coating Transmutation
Status Glitter Wall.png Glitter Wall Buff
Status Healing Leaf.png Healing Leaf Buff
Status Healing Steam.png Healing Steam Buff
Status Hibernating.png Hibernating Buff
Status Ice Coating.png Ice Coating Transmutation
Status Ice Wall.png Ice Wall Buff
Status Intercepting.png Intercepting Buff
Status Leeched.png Leeched Debuff
Status Lightning Coating.png Lightning Coating Transmutation
Status Lightning Wall.png Lightning Wall Buff
Status Locked On.png Locked On Buff
Status Meditating.png Meditating Buff
Status Melee Attack Down.png Melee Attack Down Debuff
Status Melee Attack Up.png Melee Attack Up Buff
Status Melee Defence Down.png Melee Defence Down Debuff
Status Melee Defence Up.png Melee Defence Up Buff
Status Metal Coating.png Metal Coating Transmutation
Status Metal Wall.png Metal Wall Buff
Status Mind-Meld.png Mind-Meld Buff
Status Multistrike.png Multistrike Buff
Status Multitarget.png Multitarget Buff
Status Parry Stance.png Parry Stance Buff
Status Petrified.png Petrified Debuff
Status Plant Coating.png Plant Coating Transmutation
Status Plant Wall.png Plant Wall Buff
Status Plastic Coating.png Plastic Coating Transmutation
Status Plastic Wall.png Plastic Wall Buff
Status Poison Coating.png Poison Coating Transmutation
Status Poison Wall.png Poison Wall Buff
Status Poisoned.png Poisoned Debuff
Status Ranged Attack Down.png Ranged Attack Down Debuff
Status Ranged Attack Up.png Ranged Attack Up Buff
Status Ranged Defence Down.png Ranged Defence Down Debuff
Status Ranged Defence Up.png Ranged Defence Up Buff
Status Resonance.png Resonance Debuff
Status Resurrected.png Resurrected Misc
Status Ritual.png Ritual Buff
Status Shrapnel.png Shrapnel Debuff
Status Sleep.png Sleep Debuff
Status Snowed In.png Snowed In Debuff
Status Speed Down.png Speed Down Debuff
Status Speed Up.png Speed Up Buff
Status Spring-Loaded.png Spring-Loaded Misc
Status Summoned.png Summoned Misc
Status Tape Jam.png Tape Jam Debuff
Status Tower Defence.png Tower Defence Buff
Status Unitarget.png Unitarget Debuff
Status Water Coating.png Water Coating Transmutation
Status Water Wall.png Water Wall Buff
Status Window.png Window Debuff

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