Your Inception

From Cassette Beasts

Your Inception is a song featured on the Cassette Beasts Original Soundtrack. It is the battle theme for a hidden post-game boss fight.


Cassette player.png

Here you are

Faced with a text of blood

An honest chip on your shoulder

Won’t make a soldier

Out of anyone

Golden or draped in black

It takes just a splinter in the right frame of mind

To break all obstacles you might find

Can’t you

Feel your true calling

It’s endlessly falling

Driving you here

Despite your repentance

And best intentions

Nothing to fear

You’ll figure it out, out, out

Now let’s jump into the mix

It feels tectonic

Can you hear the shift

Are you craving acceptance

Now your inception’s

Finally here

You’ll figure it out

If you learn to loosen your mind

You never know what you might find round here

The box looks smaller from the outside

Holes that they made will cave in

A dream of filling boots too big

In time you’ll see

How brave that you need to be

Silent sirens airing

Tremors causing cracks in the crown

They will never rest till

All that’s left are roots in the ground

Don’t you look so doubtful

All will be alright in the end

If you play your cards right

Keeping your hand close to your chest

Don’t you

Feeling yourself crawling

No longer stalling

Destiny’s here

time to find a new groove

Polish your best moves

And turn up this song

You’re leaving it all out to dry now

Stand out amongst it all

The quicker you get up

The harder they fall

Face the acceptance

Now your inception’s

Finally here

You’re figuring it out