My House

From Cassette Beasts

My House is a song featured on the Cassette Beasts Original Soundtrack, officially titled My House (Meredith's Lost Vinyl). It is the song that Meredith plays in Gramophone Café during the conclusion of All I Ever Needed.


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We're in tonight, we're in for real

A room abused, battered and bruised

True angst appeal

It's a sad song, with a nice beat

And a groovy, dance to it if you want

If you get on your feet, since you're on your feet

Can you put the kettle on

This is my house

So it's my rules

Can you leave your shoes

Oh, at the door, please

This carpet's clean

And I'm really weird about stuff like that, sorry

We're here and nowhere else

In this moment, right now in here

We're free from conformity and fear

We can't meet on what to do

We can't wait, can you put a coaster under that drink please

You'll make a ring

You can't order food

I'm making dinner

I've got a lovely spread

That I've been

Working on all day

It's got cheese and crackers

And other things you might like

(unless you just want a kebab-)

This is my house (it's my house, not a bloody hotel)

Come and do what i want you to do

I've got card games and RPGs

Can we not just calm it down

I can hardly hear myself think

You know what, sod it

And I'm not doin' this again

I'll tell you that much