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This page lists all the known issues in Cassette Beasts. For workarounds, see Troubleshooting. To report an issue not on this list, see Reporting issues.

This page is up to date as of 2024-03-04.

Known issues in all versions

  • Crash while roaming the overworld. This occurs after many hours of playing, and only seems to affect a few players.
  • Physics can behave weirdly sometimes.

Known issues in 1.2 and earlier

  • There is no hard limit to the number of tapes or stickers you can have. Eventually your PC runs out of memory and things start to break.
  • If the player character has short sleeves, these can sometimes be reset to long sleeves after a battle and a warp to a new location.
  • Intercept doesn't affect unitargeted team-target attacks.
  • Status effects tick down twice on rounds where you fuse or unfuse.
  • An NPC in Harbourtown can spawn underground.
  • If Dog Years increases Resonance to 3 or higher, it doesn't trigger Resonance Overload.
  • It's possible to get stuck under a walkway in the Abandoned Mine until you save and reload.

Known issues in 1.1.3 and earlier

  • Glass Shards disappear from the battle field (but remain active) when a fusion de-fuses.
  • Loot UI can be opened multiple times by mashing the interact button when facing an item drop. After the first time all the item counts are 0.
  • The effect of Tower Defence is not completely removed if you switch tape.
  • The NPCs in the Landkeeper HQ do nothing after Mammon is defeated in a rematch.
  • On Steam Deck, controllers connected (or reconnected) after the game has been launched are not detected.
  • Frankie's tape doesn't change type if she remasters it to a monster form that has a different type from the one you gave her.
  • If a post-game human enemy uses Anathema in battle with Fission Power it can get the battle stuck in a loop where enemies continually fuse.
  • Barkley has a regular Fire-type Pombomb when unlocked, as opposed to the intended Ice-type.
  • On lower-end hardware you can get stuck in a respawn loop in the elevator of the station under Cherry Meadow, if you don't use glide to slow your descent.

Known issues in 1.1.2 and earlier

  • The quantity selection dialog in the merchant interface can lose focus if the up button is held while choosing how many of an item to buy.
  • Bloodlust doesn't raise Ranged Attack like its description suggests.
  • Bloodlust gets activated twice when an enemy human is defeated.
  • NPCs can get stuck on collisions when walking in cutscenes, causing the game to lock up.
  • You can get softlocked in Glowcester Road Station, the Titania shipwreck, and Waterloop Station.
  • It's possible to get stuck on a collision in the cave at the back of the hill in the park, and in one spot in Eastham Woods.
  • Monsters sometimes spawn partially in the ground in one spot in Harbourtown Outskirts.
  • Miss Mimic fusions consume ritual candles but don't get affected by them.
  • Monsters stop spawning if you are defeated by Ianthe, until the game is reloaded.
  • Glitter permanently changes the types of certain walls, and this persists between battles until the game is reloaded.
  • Campsite in Cherry Meadow is missing an icon on the map.
  • Boltam Fur, Bulletino Cartridge Shard, and Jumpkin Seed descriptions are unclear about the fact that you need to be using them when battle starts.
  • Game locks up if you trigger a battle with a monster while it is sinking in water or falling into a void.
  • Stab In The Dark never spawns in uncommon and rare variants.
  • The game can crash if you talk to certain NPCs in West Harbourtown many times over several in-game days.
  • Softlock if you run out of tapes when battling Helia.
  • You can get softlocked in battle if you enter with only one tape, respool your partner's tape, and then have your own tape defeated. The party menu won't let you use your partner's tape, or cancel.
  • Cutscene at the dug out hole in the Mourningtown commune can trigger multiple times and softlock the game.
  • The final boss can appear invisible if you haven't defeated Nowhere Monarch.
  • You can momentarily glitch through certain walls and gates to activate a warp region on the other side by holding an item such as a rock or a crate.
  • The Summoned, Recorded, Tower Defence, and Resurrected status can be delegated.
  • Conductive Cures can't be used.
  • Characters not in your current party are not healed after defeat during the final boss battle. This causes them to not transform if you enter the final battle again.
  • The game can lock up if an NPC is off-screen when it needs to walk to you during dialogue (doesn't affect partners).
  • The Landkeeper HQ allows partners other than Eugene in.
  • Partner tapes fail to type-swap in randomiser mode (and have the wrong type when switching back to a non-randomised file).
  • Upgrapes and Olive-Ups recycle for ridiculous amounts of wheat.
  • Can't fuse after canceling the previous character's battle order.
  • Roaming unique monsters spawn with the wrong colours in the world if you have a bootleg of the same species in your party.
  • When selecting a target for a status / misc move such as AP Steal, the preview incorrectly suggests that elemental reactions apply (e.g. Poison).
  • Splinter and contact damage activate on status / misc moves like Nurse, AP Factory, etc.
  • Player characters can be transformed into archangels' minions (e.g. effigy, nowhere peasant) by Copy That. This causes a crash when fusion is attempted.
  • At a cutscene at Felix's home, the player character can get stuck on Felix's head.
  • If you have multiple of Custom Starter or Automation on a tape, the first one activates multiple times, and the others don't activate at all.
  • In randomiser mode, when you buy a tape from Wilma that gives a movement ability, input can get locked up if you cancel the merchant interface before the animations have finished playing out.
  • Audio devices in mono mode cause distorted music and sound effects.
  • Kayleigh says "I'm mean" in some dialogue instead of "I mean".

Known issues in 1.1.1 & 1.1.0

  • Fusion doesn’t take place during the battle with Morgante if you defeat one of your own characters (or summon a monster with Call For Help who damages one of your own characters)
  • Monsters that get defeated by switching to a tape with Pre-emptive Strike can still be recorded (within the same round)
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over one of the 3D battle menu’s buttons causes that button to continually grab focus, preventing you from selecting other buttons with the keyboard or controller.
  • If you’re holding the dash button while your controller disconnects, you continue dashing indefinitely after reconnecting the controller.
  • Moving a sticker to a blank slot at the end of a tape’s list (without peeling and applying it) can cause the sticker to be lost.
  • Achievements for getting companions to 5 hearts (other than the first companion you get to 5 hearts) are not unlocked. Our fix for this will retroactively unlock the achievement for this if your save file was affected by this bug.
  • Before unlocking Kayleigh as a partner in the tutorial, swapping Kayleigh’s and the player character’s tapes and then saving and reloading causes Sirenade to duplicate and overwrite the player’s tape.
  • Highlighted map cells in the minimap are sometimes misaligned with the map grid.
  • Orders in battle can be cancelled while a certain kinds of items are playing an animation, leading to incorrect battle flow.

Reporting issues

If your issue can't be found on this list, check the troubleshooting guide.