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These are Gwen's dialogues.

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After Battle as Gwenivar

  • Gwen:
  • Gwen: I yield.
  • Gwen: I don’t have any more fight left in me. I shall cease my efforts to create an egregore being from a human
  • Gwen: I will intervene with your kind no further. You have my word.
If current partner is Kayleigh:
  • Kayleigh: It’s for the best.
If current partner is Eugene:
  • Eugene: If she doesn’t hurt anyone else, then I guess that’s as good as we can ask for, right?
If current partner is Meredith:
  • Meredith: Yeah, that’s a good start.
If current partner is Felix:
  • Felix: That’s good.
If current partner is Viola:
  • Viola: Very well. We shall hold you to your word.
  • Gwen: In return, I only ask this - say you’ll come visit me here on Brightside Pier from time to time? The both of you?

(Choice between "Of course!" and "I’ll think about it.")

  • Gwen: Aha! Thank you, <player>.

(Choice between "What about you?" and "What are you going to do?")

  • Gwen: What will I do? I think I need time to decide on that. Time is something I have a lot of, unlike your kind. Solitude doesn’t suit me anymore.
  • Gwen: I still have the pier, of course! I love this place more than anything. It was one last gift from Aleph, plucked from a long-dead world.
  • Gwen: When Aleph’s court disbanded I decided to isolate myself here, just close enough to your island that I could watch you all. I wanted to be closer to people - real, mortal people.
  • Gwen: I really do love you humans. Across every world, you’re always the same - creating stories, music, and art to scare and delight each other…
  • Gwen: Do you want to know the one thing that humans always create, no matter the time, place or civilisation?
  • Gwen: Monsters. No matter what, mankind will always invent monsters.
  • Gwen: Until… next time. Take care, <player>.