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Debug Console

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There is a debug console that can be enabled (and disabled) with the following cheat:

Once enabled, you can show and hide the debug console by pressing F1 on a keyboard, or R3 on a controller. (R3 is when you press the right stick in like a button, on a controller that supports it.)

Enabling the console will mark your save file as cheated, which is visible in the speedrun timer. This won't prevent you from completing the game or getting achievements though.

Be careful with the debug console. You can softlock yourself if you use a command at the wrong time, or modify something you don't understand.

Disabling the debug console

Entering the same cheat again disables the console.

Note that having enabled the debug console will be permanently recorded in your save file - the in-game timer will forever say that you have cheated from that point on (for that save file).

Escaping softlock

If your game is softlocked due to being locked in a location you can't escape, you can fix this with the console while you wait for Bytten Studio to fix it.

  1. Enable the debug console as per above
  2. Press F1 or R3 to show the console
  3. Enter the command warp x to return to the cafe
  4. Press F1 or R3 again to hide the console

De-leveling yourself

This cheat is for the players who have been bootleg-hunting in the demo and leveled themselves up ridiculous amounts! We knew some players would try looking for bootlegs in the demo, but didn't expect how many of you would do it, or how long you'd play for!

If you're level 20 or below you probably don't need to use this cheat. Above level 20 it might be a good idea to de-level yourself, or if not then at least experiment with the level scaling setting to find something that works for you.

Unlocking Custom Modes

Cassette Beasts has randomisation and permadeath modes built-in. Normally, these are only unlocked after you've beaten the game and seen the final credits.

While we recommend that players familiarise themselves with the game with a normal playthrough first, these options can be unlocked with a cheat code--handy if you're playing the game on a different machine.