New Wirral

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New Wirral is the name of the mysterious island setting of the game Cassette Beasts.


New Wirral is an island in what appears to be an endless ocean somewhere that is not Earth, sectioned off from the outside world. It was initially discovered by the wreck of the HMS Birkenhead.[1] Since then, people landing on the island from various times and alternate realities have came to populate it. It is home to a variety of monsters that can be captured using cassette tapes and fused.


Main article: Locations#New Wirral



In Other Languages

Chinese (Simplified) 新威勒尔
French Nouvelle-Wirral
German Neu Wirral
Italian Nuova Wirral
Japanese ニューウィラル
Korean 뉴위럴
Portuguese Nova Murta
Spanish (Spain) Nueva Wirral
Spanish (Latin America) Nueva Wirral


  1. "YEAR 001: The British naval vessel HMS Birkenhead sinks in a storm in the Earth year 1845. Much of the crew and wreckage wash ashore on an unknown island, later christened New Wirral."
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  3. "We're from the Wirral which is why we called it that" - samuri (Jay Baylis). Bytten Studios Discord server. September 5, 2023.